We are happy to work in the best city in the world.

About Fine TLV

Born and raised in TLV and the ongoing experience in the TLV RE market, makes us competent in the RE trends and prediction of different areas in TLV. This allows us to advise our clients and help them choose the asset that meets their needs.

After the asset has been selected, we will handle on behalf of our client the entire registration process needed in Israel, as well as all related logistics (such as connection to electricity, gas, telephone, cable TV etc).

By the client demand, we will provide all the needed information regarding a variety of leading luxury RE in TLV: building plans, building specs, apartments types, facilities on the premises, completion dates and municipality development plans for the area.

If needed, we will also manage the asset on behalf of the client – this includes all aspects (common expences, property upkeep, bill payment, cleaning services, renting the asset etc).